1 Establishment of Eco Management System

Establishment of Eco Management System

ISO14001 Certification
Omron Healthcare group companies - Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd. headquarters, Omron Matsusaka Co., Ltd., Omron Dalian Co., Ltd. and Omron Healthcare Product Development Dalian Co., Ltd. - are accredited with ISO14001, the International Organization for Standardization's certification for environment management systems.

We at Omron Healthcare are making constant improvement with our own eco management system, which is to clarify the effects that our major products - home-use health/ medical care equipment and professional-use medical equipment - and service would have on the environment, aiming to reduce the eco-impact and prevent pollution.
ISO14001 Certification
*Zero emissions: to recycle and reuse 100% of outputs generated through a set of industrial processes, instead of incinerating or landfilling. Outputs that are:

1. disposed as waste
2. sold as valuable resources
3. handed over with/without payment to other party (waste or the valuable)
4. utilized in-house

Except for gases
ISO14001 Certification
Toward the Establishment of Sustainable, Recycle- Oriented Society
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